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5 GREAT Tips To An Easy (and Beautiful!) Kitchen Remodel!



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Considering remodeling your kitchen?

Well, according to Realtor Magazine, these are the top 5 low cost kitchen ‘re-dos’ that buyers will love!

1. Hardware

Sounds pretty simple. Replacing cabinet hardware such as knobs, handles, and hinges is a quick DIY that will enhance your kitchen.


Moen Faucet

2. Faucet

Again, a simple thing to do in order to make your kitchen really shine! There are so many different types and styles of faucets out there today, plenty to choose from.

3. Lighting

Adding an LED light under the cabinets can add a dramatic effect to your kitchen.

4. Organization

I know, for myself, this is a difficult one.  But, there are easy solutions to a messy kitchen such as over-the-door hooks, baskets, and drawer organizers. Allow guests of your home (and buyers) to notice the beauty of it and not just the clutter!

5. Countertops

Counters take up a big part of your kitchen so you want them to look as high end as possible. With laminate you don’t have to sweat the cost, they can mimic granite for a fraction of the price!


Before you do a complete remodeling of your kitchen, consider some of these cheaper options that will still make a difference!



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