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Big Things Are Happening in St. Charles!

If you’re from the area, you’ve probably already noticed the rising amount of single family and town home construction. This year, there have been hundreds of contracts signed for new homes that have been and will be built in the area and the number is an increase from last year.

Because we’re so close to D.C., the lower cost is what’s drawing people in. Compared to other places in the Washington area, St. Charles has some of the lowest priced homes. Along with houses, St. Charles has also built several apartment complexes. This gives renters, as well as buyers, the ability to live close to the city without the high expenses.

Not only are there hundreds of homes being built, there are also future plans of a nursing home, a new high school, a natural gas power plant, and a 40-acre retail center.

Keep your eyes open for all these exciting things! 🙂



Reference: The Washington Post

(Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes via Flickr cc.)

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